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We’re a group of anonymous Madisonians who have pooled our resources to create and give out a $1,000 grant every other month to support a local awesome project.

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Do you have an awesome idea or project? Awesome Madison wants to help you. Click here to apply for a $1,000 no-strings-attached grant to support your project.

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Who are We?

Well, that doesn’t really matter. Awesome Madison is about you and anyone with a cool idea that deserves support. But, if you must…click here to learn a bit more about the Awesome Madison team

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The Awesome Foundation for the Arts and Sciences exists to forward the interests of awesomeness in the universe.

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In Practice

We are a global, distributed network of individuals experimenting with simple, lightweight funding structures that foster the creation of surprise and delight globally.


Each chapter in the Awesome Foundation community operates as a fully independent entity and is organized locally. We’re just a group of Madisonians who want to support local awesome projects and we’re always looking for more trustees to join the team! Email thecrew@awesomemadison.com to learn more.


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When you tell people about an idea that you have, is their response “that would be awesome!”? THAT’S what we want to see!

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